Pisco Timeline

The origins of pisco can be traced back to the days when the Spanish Conquistadores invaded Peru in 1532. At that time, the wine the Conquistadores brought with them was scarce and destined only for the Holy Church. In 1553, to meet the growing demand for wine in the new country, Marquis Francisco de Caravantes imported grapes from the Spanish Canary Islands. By 1563, vineyards were planted in the sunny lands of the arid city of Ica in southern Peru, which became the cradle of pisco in Peru.


Spaniard Francisco de Caravantes introduces European grapes to Peru with the express intent of making wine for church masses.


The first written reference to pisco appears in the will of a vineyard owner who knew exactly what his heirs wanted.


Juan Facundo Caravedo Roque purchases a series of adjacent vineyards along with distillation equipment to make pisco. He christens the property Hacienda La Caravedo.


Pisco Punch becomes a sensation in San Francisco, remaining wildly popular until Prohibition.

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